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SERI offers a wide variety of services to first responders and their families. These services are provided by licensed psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists, and interns who all have vast training in the treatment of PTSD/PTSI, depression, anxiety, alcohol & substance use, among other diagnoses.

(In-Person and Telehealth options available for most services)

Individual Therapy

Specialized counseling tailored for first responders and veterans, addressing unique challenges, trauma, and stress they face, promoting individual growth and resilience.

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Individual Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Comprehensive outpatient support for veterans and first responders, combining evidence-based practices with individualized care, facilitating a robust recovery without the need for hospitalization.

Family/Marital Therapy

Strengthen family and marital bonds by addressing the specific challenges faced by first responders and veterans. Improve communication, understanding, and support within the family unit.

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Individual Intensive Retreats

Personalized therapeutic retreats tailored for first responders and veterans, providing an immersive healing experience in a serene environment, focusing on deep self-reflection and recovery.

Intensive Group Retreats

Group-based therapeutic retreats for veterans and first responders, fostering a sense of community and shared healing, facilitated by experienced mental health professionals.

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Critical Incident Stress Debriefings

Immediate post-incident support for first responders and veterans, helping them process traumatic experiences, reducing the risk of post-traumatic stress and promoting mental well-being.

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Wellness Check-Ins

Regular mental health assessments for veterans and first responders, ensuring their psychological well-being is maintained, and providing early interventions when necessary.


Costs vary on the basis of group or individual participation (group discounts may be available). We also work with specific insurance providers on an appropriate basis.