Adult Services

Fresno County Substance Abuse Relapse  Prevention

Core Services

SERI provides substance abuse relapse-prevention, vocational development, and family therapy services in cooperation with Fresno County Probation via the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000.

The core services provided consist of a scientifically founded psycho educational curriculum developed by an expert in the field of mental illness and addiction treatment.  Facets of various cognitive-behavioral therapies and life-skills building content modules are combined in tandem to provide an all-encompassing 24-week treatment program.

Additional Services

Dual Diagnosis Services

Research indicates treatment outcomes for substance abuse treatment are negatively impacted by the presence of a mental illness diagnosis. The goal of SERI is to identify mental illnesses and increase the level of support and topics covered for identified clients. The topics often addressed include: managing mental illness and recovery, medication compliance, communicating needs in relationships, and other topics of therapeutic value for this specific population. Identification and treatment of dual diagnosis is vital for preventing relapse.

Vocational Development

Clients are provided opportunities to meet individually with SERI clinicians to enhance their vocational development. One common way this is achieved is through assistance in resume creation or improvement.

Family Services

All clients are given the opportunity to bring family members over the age of thirteen to a group facilitated by a Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child therapist. This service is provided free of charge to enrolled clients.

Psychological Assessment

Clients are routinely screened for mental illness, amenability to treatment, and severity of substance abuse history before placed in a group. After the initial screening, some clients are identified as needing further psychological testing to provide more specific and informed treatment planning. This service is provided free of charge.

Outside Referrals

SERI staff is trained to identify client needs outside of the scope of services provided. When this need is identified, a client will receive a referral for the appropriate type of service he or she also requires. Examples of referrals commonly identified are educational needs, legal service needs, transportation needs, and medical needs.