About SERI

Our Vision

To develop a model, all-inclusive, wrap-around therapeutic program for individuals and families in the community, independent of socioeconomic status. Through the collaboration of governmental agencies, private organizations, and volunteers, a continuity of care will be ensured to improve individuals quality of life and mental health.

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Our Philosophy

Implementing research findings will allow services to be provided at the point of greatest impact, increasing positive outcomes for individuals.

Board Of Directors

With their various positions and affiliations throughout the community of Fresno, and with their distinct specialties in education and training, each Board Member provides a unique perspective on the method by which to accomplish their shared mission.

Jana Price-Sharps, EdD

Matthew J. Sharps, PhD
Board Member


Juvenile Services

The Sierra Education & Research Institute works very closely with the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Campus (JJC). Inside this institution, there are a number of juvenile offenders that need services. SERI provides treatment triage,assessment, individual therapy, and psychoeducation groups to these kids. Groups currently running at the JJC include anger management, life skills, art therapy, reinforcement, and others. Many of the kids are incredibly talented and artistic. In the art therapy group, the kids are encouraged to play with different mediums and express their talents while processing day to day stressors. Interns may also be assigned similar duties at the Madera Juvenile Boot camp.

Adult Services

The Sierra Education & Research Institute is currently servicing men and women involved with Fresno County corrections both released and incarcerated. We work very closely with the Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) pod at the Fresno County Jail, which is a unique incarceration environment focused on rehabilitation and programming. In the TJC we conduct individual therapy sessions, run psychoeducational groups, and provide assistance with transition and case management. The inmates in this pod are offered additional freedoms as well as extra assistance for re-entry. This program is a pilot to help handle the influx of inmates into the jail due to prison realignment in California. Sierra Education & Research Institute is also involved in conducting probationer needs interviews for Fresno County probation. The assessment used; the Offender Needs Guide requires training and is offered by Assessments.com. This assessment allows for officers to develop and carry out an evidence based case plan for the probationers under their supervision. In addition to this interview, SERI conducts several small assessments with probationers to lend credence and corroboration to the assessment.

Law Enforcement Families

The Sierra Education & Research Institute works diligently with families that have members in law enforcement. The stress of the job often leads to trouble at home not only for the officer, but for their spouses and children. SERI offers counseling for a number of purposes to the law enforcement community. Some have substance issues and some need help with trauma, family counseling, or any number of other psychological issues. Interns working for SERI may be called upon to provide individual therapy to these people. Recently, SERI has seen a number of children from law enforcement families. Clinicians are asked to be creative in their approach to the kids and will be producing fun short videos to help illustrate psychological techniques and processes.

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