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Our Vision

To develop a model, all-inclusive, wrap-around therapeutic program for individuals and families in the community, independent of socioeconomic status. Through the collaboration of governmental agencies, private organizations, and volunteers, a continuity of care will be ensured to improve individuals quality of life and mental health.

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Our Philosophy

Implementing research findings will allow services to be provided at the point of greatest impact, increasing positive outcomes for individuals.

Board Of Directors

With their various positions and affiliations throughout the community of Fresno, and with their distinct specialties in education and training, each Board Member provides a unique perspective on the method by which to accomplish their shared mission.

Jana Price-Sharps, EdD

Matthew J. Sharps, PhD
Board Member

SERI Resiliency and Reframing Retreat


Resiliency and Reframing Retreat for First Responders and Veterans

Sierra Education and Research Institute (SERI) was founded in 2003 by Dr. Jana Price-Sharps and Dr. Matthew Sharps.

The SERI Resiliency and Reframing Retreat is based on clinical application of cutting-edge research in cognitive science and neuroscience. The focus of this seven-day retreat is to provide first responders with information, tools, and techniques to allow them to heal old traumas and injuries, and to address and adjust their responses to critical incidents, past, present, and future. This retreat provides first responders with foundational information about themselves and their brains.

The focus of this retreat will be successful adaptation, healing, closure, and moving forward.  Strategies will include information on: Cognitive Restructuring – Reframing, Fight or Flight – Role of Adrenaline and Cortisol, Endorphins, Serotonin, and Dopamine – Changing moods, Changing focus – Reducing Rage response, Reducing Insomnia – Reducing Nightmares.

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